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First Interview - Women In Work

⋒ Our First Interview  |  用香氣重回舊地

非常感謝 @wiwhk 編輯的專訪介紹,讓我可以透過這次採訪跟大家分享蠟燭製作的點滴,亦能讓大家再認識Scent Out過去一年的努力。

希望您會喜歡我們燭光背後的故事及享受瀰漫在家中的寧靜溫暖香。 以下是我們希望與您分享的一些採訪摘要 ~

I would like to express my gratitude to @wiwhk for the exposure given to us on the local lifestyle media. It’s delightful to share with you the bits and pieces of candle making. 

We hope you will enjoy the stories behind our candles as well as the amazing scents we bring to your home. Below are some of the highlights abstracted from the interview we would like to share with you! 

⋒ Why Scent Out? 

Scent Out = Send Out 

Scent Out 的「Scent」代表香氣,也是 「Send Out」的諧音。我認為香氣有療癒的力量,望藉每個手造的蠟燭「傳遞」正能量和幸褔感。我想透過顏色去美化生活,更想以色彩帶來正能量,建立快樂與正面的氛圍。

⋒ How do those scent stories come up with?


我們的每顆蠟燭都是小批量、親手澆注的:「我經常強調 Scent Out 是 Handpoured With Love,我希望客人可以完全了解我們的蠟燭製作過程,怎樣從零開始製作。這裡的每顆蠟燭都是親手和用心製作,每顆都有自己的故事。」

For the full content, please visit WIW

Lastly, thank you the amazing Editors and Photographer for your considerable effort and support ~

Interview Article @wiwhk
Photographer @primeching