When Olfactory Experience Enriched With Music

Each candle comes with a specially curated Spotify playlist for an extra relaxing and delightful moment.

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Enjoy a carefree ambiance with the hassle-free, low-maintenance allure of flameless fragrance.  

  • Brand Collaboration

    A harmonious collaboration with Melvita - the renowned French organic beauty brand. In celebration of Melvita's latest product launch, bespoke rose-scented candles are meticulously crafted to mark the new release and are graciously offered as a complimentary gift with purchase.

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  • Customised Corporate Christmas Gifts

    PayPal surprises and rewards their employees in the Christmas party with our scented soy candles. The notes of pine, fir needle and cypress of Christmas Tree Hunting bring festive cheer to everyone.

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  • Brand Collaboration

    Aiming to raise the awareness of mindfulness, we've teamed up with HABITŪ and Slowood to create the Summer Healing Giftbox for HABITŪ Rosemantic Summer Campaign. Herbaceous soy candles with pink wax are customised to carry the brand's emblem and message.

    Explore Our Brand Collaboration With HABITŪ 
  • Employee Appreciation Gifts

    In a gesture of gratitude and to facilitate a warm return to the office post-lockdown, Manulife has chosen to gift employees mini candles from our "The Signature Collection." From a selection of the top five best-selling scents, each scent is carefully packaged in a unique gift box. This token of appreciation expresses Manulife’s commitment to their valued employees and the eagerness to welcome them back to the workplace.

  • Corporate Gifting

    We created an exclusive floral scent with notes of lily of valley and sandalwood for their marketing campaign which makes the VIP customers and media partners feel special and welcome.

    Explore Our Corporate Gifting With On The List 
  • Brand Collaboration

    We've teamed up with WIW and local brands to create a limited-edition Advent Calendar as an inspiring Christmas gift and a lead-up to the new year.

    Explore Our Brand Collaboration With WIW 
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