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Kissing Under The Mistletoe
Kissing Under The Mistletoe
Kissing Under The Mistletoe
Kissing Under The Mistletoe

Kissing Under The Mistletoe

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在一年中最浪漫及神奇的時刻,與你所愛的人一起漫步於彩燈城市當中。停在咖啡店挑選溫暖的節日飲品。在槲寄生下坐下來,讓甜美的香氣 包圍你們的感官,這是親吻的絕佳時刻!
槲寄生(Mistletoe) 是一種白色的漿果植物,具開心、親吻、浪漫等多重含意。在千多年前的北歐神話裡,流傳著一個這樣的傳說:站在槲寄生下的人不能拒絕親吻,當一對男女相遇,女生可以獲得一個吻,而男生就要在槲寄生上摘一顆果實,當果實全被摘光,這個親吻特權便會失效。而在槲寄生下接吻的情侶,便會幸福一輩子,廝守到永遠!
Kissing Under The Mistletoe以甜梨,香草和椰子的微妙混合散發出獨特的甜蜜香氣,既清新又放鬆,略帶甜味,但絲毫不壓倒。 甜美的氣味,使您沉浸在寧靜而充滿愛意的氛圍中。


In the most loving and magical time of the year that seems to be made for romance, go for an evening walk with your loved one. Stop by a coffee shop to pick up warm holiday drinks. Take a seat under the mistletoe, embraced by the sweet fragrance and the senses of you two, prefect moment for a kiss!  

The subtle blend of juicy pear, vanilla and coconut diffuses a unique scent which is both refreshing and relaxing, a slight touch of sweetness but not overwhelming. The scent works its wonders to invigorate the senses, immersing you into a calm and loving atmosphere. 

Let the sweet aroma fills the air, make your holiday season a little extra magical, romantic, and memorable. 

Enjoy Your Smellicious Moments.  


About Scent Out Soy Candles 

 Scent Out蠟燭原材料選用100%美國種植天然大豆蠟、純棉蠟芯(無鉛及無鋅)、天然精油及高級芳香精油(遵守RIFM及IFRA的國際標準製成,不含鄰苯二甲酸酯),經過選料和測試得出最佳配方,創作出一系列經過定制的香氛產品。

Ingredients : 100% natural soy wax , natural essential oils , premium grade phthalate-free fragrance oils , lead & zinc-free cotton wick

Additional Ingredients: Love  +  Patience  + Good Vibes 

Size : 220g
Burn time : 40-50 hours


♡ Hand-poured With Love In Hong Kong ♡